Big Horse Kiddie Ride manufacturer and Retailer

Raha Engineering Workshop Prominent & Leading Manufacturer from Bangladesh, we offer frp multi activity play station, outdoor multi action play station, garden multi play station, playground multi activity play station, multi play outdoor station and school multi activity play station.

Scary theme park rides Big Horse Kiddie Ride is a gaint amusement park rotation rides. L-shaped arms make revolution around the horizontal axis, in the meantime, the smaller arms make revolution around the L-shaped arms. This scary amusement park rides lift you up to sky, sometimes, push you down to ground and make you rotate upside down. Big Horse Kiddie Ride suit for youth who love the thrilling and adventure life.


Big Horse Kiddie Ride storm ride, is a theme park attraction, equipment with 4 or 5 arms and each arm connect with 4 cabins. This funfair attraction just like an powerful angry storm at when it operation. At the time of energy burst, the arms rotation themselves in a fast speed, in the meantime, lift cabins upside and down. What more crazy is that the cabins are rotation at the same time.

Amusement park equipment bounce& smile rides, is a popular fairground equipment, when you site on the seats, the bounce&smile rotation and lift you high, and then bounce you down and up.


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