Elephant Kiddie Ride manufacturer in Bangladesh

Raha Engineering Workshop Prominent & Leading Manufacturer from Bangladesh, we offer frp multi activity play station, outdoor multi action play station, garden multi play station, playground multi activity play station, multi play outdoor station and school multi activity play station.

We Provide various amusement park games, theme park games, fairground ride and other fun park ride. And we have manufactured rides available to every age group to guarantee that the happiness can reach to everyone.

Elephant Kiddie Ride is a kind of giant huge amusement equipment and it is designed according to the running of swing. The scary rides equipment with two arms that can rotate in 360 degree. Players will fee like embrace the beautiful moon in the sky when the arms move to the highest point. This rides is full of thrilling that absolutely make you fell the earth trembled and the mountain swayed even the air rolling in your body.


Thrill rides, or adventure park rides are really the rides make you “freak out”. Usually, these rides are big fairground attractions, giant in shape, fast in speed, complex in movement, make you feel tension, thrilling, exciting and then want to try once again. The main customer of these carnival attractions are young people, as these rides bring them adventurous, Passion just like the life they are pursuing.

As a professional amusement equipment manufacturer, The Raha Engineering Workshop is committed to be a one-stop amusement expert. At The Raha Engineering Workshop, we provide free consultation on how to choose proper rides, make amusement park CAD & 3D designs, be a professional amusement rides manufacturer and provide qualified amusement park equipment, also help handling shipping affairs.


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