Flower Cup Ride for Park

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Flower Cup ride cliff hanger is the best rides to make you as close as to super man. Cliff hanger ride flying you high in the widely opened sky. There is no other rides will like cliff hanger bring you so clost to flying. No age limited for the riders. Cliff hanger can be used in amusement park, theme park, carnival and fair.


The machine uses a hydraulic motor drive mode combination. Visitor sitting on the seat, via the motor driving the rotation of the main arm about the axis while other link arm driven by a hydraulic power system to drive the seat portion 180 about the rod axis of the semicircular bottom-tipping motion, the seat chair parts of the rotary power device drivers in each seat around the rotary axis of rotation deputy.

Flower Cup ride, is a carnival ride that similar to enterprise ride, but more mile in operation and slower in speed. This carnival games designed based on the motion of paratroopers. The fair rides declined 45 degrees, cabins swing up and down, just like a paratrooper swing is the sky. This carnival equipment is suit for player age above 6 years old.


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