Flower Cup | Technical Specification

Flower cup ride is also called Coffee cup ride, Tea cup ride is a kind of spinning amusement family ride. All of the tea cup rides in Cheery are made of high quality materials, such as the strong steels, thick fiberglass reinforced plastics, qualified motors and other quality materials.

Generally speaking, each set of tea cups contains 6 or 9 cups, and each set of teacups has a center bearing mounted underneath.When the bottom is spinning and coffee cup on the bottom will rotates in the opposite direction. And each of cups could also be controlled by passengers. Rotating speed of the tea cup could be controlled by passengers. It is safe enough for kids.

Tea cup ride can be customized as your requirements.

Flower tea cup ride
Flower tea cup ride can customized tea cup rides in colors, sizes, themes and so on to suit the needs of customers.



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