The Birthplace of excellent Amusement Rides
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The Birthplace of excellent Amusement Rides

Raha Engineering Workshop is today synonymous with creative design and cutting edge technology. With a focus on fun and thrills, Raha Engineering Workshop’s ability to innovate and entertain lies within its unique ability to bring an amusement venue to life – from early design concepts to finished products.

Twenty Five years of experience make Raha Engineering Workshop to play the leading role in this line of business and to create an” aircraft carrier” of national indoor and outdoor recreation equipment brand, and to build a world of its own in many famous cities and scenic spots at home. We will have the first-mover advantage of building the first world-class attraction in Bangladesh.

To create a reputation with excellent quality and to establishes the status of enterprise with professional strength. To create a new era of innovation of the national brand. Raha Engineering Workshop will conquer the market and the world and will build internationally famous brands and create a healthy and safe entertainment environment with unlimited fresh ideas, and will become the forerunner of the designer and manufacture of children’s playgrounds in the world.

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