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Theme Park in Bangladesh

As a professional manufacturer of thematic equipment, RAHA ENGINEERING WORKSHOP strives to be a thematic expert in one place. At RAHA ENGINEERING WORKSHOP, we provide free advice on how to choose the right amusement rides, design CAD and 3D amusement parks, become a professional amusement park manufacturer and provide qualified amusement park equipment. We offer various amusement park games, amusement park games, amusement rides and other amusement rides. We’ve also made rides accessible to all ages to ensure happiness for everyone.

RAHA ENGINEERING WORKSHOP knows how to import theme rides from start to finish, there’s nothing better than seeing the happy faces of kids and kids, in fact, we’re still kids at heart, so we’re proud to bring you the best theme rides, games and happiness. We research and develop new attractive, safe and exciting rides. At the same time, we never forget that quality and safety are the most important to us. strict quality control and testing every attraction before leaving our factory is what we need to do. All RAHA ENGINEERING rides are ISO certified.

Our creation becomes a reality thanks to the combination of unlimited imaginative power and deliberate action that has earned us a worldwide reputation for quality, service and success: integrating aesthetic, technical and economic considerations; original solutions to complex engineering and aesthetic problems; Reliable certified quality.

We accompany your project with inventive creativity, individuality and reliability from the idea to the end of the project.

RAHA ENGINEERING WORKSHOP is a professional manufacturer of play equipment. We offer carnival rides such as carousel, pendulum rides, little train etc, and also inflatable games such as inflatable slides, inflatable combos, bouncy castles etc.

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